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Operational Concept

The CNSS will address software issues through a three-part program composed of forums, studies, and communications, all under the direction of a Program Director. CNSS forums will bring together industry, academic, and government leaders to address national software issues and develop findings and recommendations. These forums will increase communication and understanding, and bring focus to issues that require in-depth study and analysis. Studies will be initiated by the CNSS or commissioned by supporters, to clarify and articulate software issues and develop specific recommendations to address them. Studies will be carried out by under the direction of a Study Director by CNSS staff and Fellows, along with invited participants, monitored by the Board of Trustees, and reviewed by the (planned) National Software Advisory Council (NSAC). The CNSS will establish an extensive program of communications through published reports, Internet sites, and conference participation to promulgate its findings and solicit feedback and participation in its work.

A key element of the CNSS operational concept is the use of this web site to promote a dialogue and exchange of ideas regarding critical software issues. Issues are addressed through an active CNSS Issues area, which affords a public chat capability. One of the objectives of the issue dialogue is to develop specific aspects of an issue that merit in-depth study. With the approval of the CNSS board, a well-defined study topic can become the basis for conducting a formal CNSS study, and a Study Director appointed. The study director then further refines the nature of the effort along with general details such as the specific study objective, schedule, and the proposed composition of the study group. Once this is defined and approved, the study director begins the effort and organizes the study team. The study director is responsible for recruiting a balanced team of qualified study participants, reflecting the various constituencies involved. Individuals who have shown interest in the issue through participation in the Issue Chat area will be considered as possible participants as the study director assembles the team.

If you are interested in an issue see the CNSS Issues area. This is the place to start, either by "chatting" about an existing issue or raising a new one. You can propose a new issue or specific study effort by recommending it to the CNSS Executive Director. If you are interested in an ongoing study contact the study director.

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