National Software Strategy Steering Group (NSG)

NSG Program Chairs

Trustworthy Systems

  • Rick Linger, SEI


  • Shashi Phoha, NIST
  • Don O'Neill, CNSS

Research & Development

  • Jim Horning, CRA


  • Marjorie Bynum, ITAA

NSG Program Goals

Trustworthy Systems Program

The goals established to improve Software Trustworthiness are to:

  • Identify and analyze trustworthiness properties
  • Develop Next Generation Software Engineering for trustworthy software
  • Expand awareness and education in trustworthiness issues
  • Incentivise software developers to produce trustworthy software
  • Increase R&D in software trustworthiness


The goal established to encourage Innovation Within the U.S. Software Industry is to:

  • Formulate a new strategic paradigm and U.S. policy framework for American leadership in software competitiveness, innovation, and productivity, designed to encourage innovation within the U.S. software industry

Research & Development

The goal established to re-energize Software Research & Development is to:

  • Establish and maintain the U.S. position as the preeminent leader in software technology and innovation in support of our vital interests in economic and national security

Workforce Program

The goals established to educate and field the Software Workforce are to:

  • Clarify the new issues affecting the forecasted needed size and composition of the software workforce
  • Enhance the educational opportunities and quality that will increase the ability to meet the nation's future economic and national security software needs