National Software Strategy Steering Group (NSG)

Welcome to the National Software Strategy Steering Group (NSG) Web Site!

The National Software Strategy Steering Group (NSG) is a coalition of IT and software-related organizations whose mission is to advance the National Software Agenda recommended in the final report of the 2nd National Software Summit (NSS2). This report ("Software 2015: A National Software Strategy to Ensure U.S. Security and Competitiveness") was released to the public on May 5, 2005 as part of a call by the Summit principals to elevate software to the national agenda, with leaders in all sectors---government, industry and academia---committing to work together to achieve these common goals.

As its name implies, Software 2015 is a 10-year effort comprising four major programs:

  • Improving Software Trustworthiness
  • Educating and Fielding the Software Workforce
  • Re-Energizing Software Research and Development
  • Encouraging Innovation within the U.S. Software Industry

The Vision for Software 2015 is: Achieving the ability to routinely develop trustworthy software products and systems, while ensuring the continued competitiveness of the U.S. software industry. The NSG will oversee the launch of these four multi-initiative programs, and then guide them through the ensuing ten-year period with the goal of achieving the stated vision.