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CNSS Issues: Software Value to US Economic Competitiveness

The value added by software to the national economy is not well understood. The CNSS proposes to investigate and model the role and impact that software has on the economy.

A need exists to increase awareness among policy makers of the pervasive role of software and its value in maintaining national prosperity and competitiveness. The Software Value Add Study will improve understanding of the value that software adds to the national economy, and the contribution that software makes to global competitiveness. It will provide timely, accurate, complete, and understandable information on software and its essential uses across the economy. These findings will be packaged for use with diverse audiences ranging from the general public to the nation's policy makers.

Questions to be asked and answered include:

  1. What is the value of software to the nation?
  2. What critical industries are dependent on software?
  3. What threats exist to the competitiveness and security of critical software systems?
  4. How vulnerable are the nation's critical industries to these software threats?

Program Director: Don O'Neill

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