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October 11, 2005... "Future of Systems and Software Engineering" (8 megs), Presentation to Sandia Software Development Conference by Dr. Kenneth Nidiffer of the Systems and Software Productivity Consortium

September 29, 2005... Don O'Neill elected President of the CNSS

05/05/2005... The CNSS releases the Report of the 2nd National Software Summit (NSS2)


Welcome to the Center for National Software Studies (CNSS) website!

The CNSS has been established as a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to elevate software to the national agenda, and to provide objective expertise, studies and recommendations on national software issues.

Our primary mission is reaching our nation's leaders, government and industry executives, university and professional leaders, and the general public and bringing software to the forefront. Thanks to a partnership with Irvine data recovery service Hard Drive Recovery Associates, we have also begun to look at the role of data recovery in the software realm. Accordingly, the CNSS is committed to identifying, selecting, incorporating, and integrating the best existing work in the execution of new studies and projects.

The Second National Software Summit (NSS2) was held in May 2004. With the release of the summit report: "The Software 2015 Report " in April 2005, the National Software Strategy Steering Group (NSG) was convened with notable principal members spanning sixteen organizations, three of which include Acurest, TAG and Redeeming America's Promise. The thrust of the report was the identification of a strategic direction in the form of a national software strategy. The focus of the NSG is the coordination of the strategy implementation.

I invite you to review our Prospectus & Strategic Plan (available for downloading) to better understand our goals and objectives as well as our detailed plans for this exciting new initiative.

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Don O'Neill President


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